Why Is This Important?

Why would I ever want to monitor my beehives?

For starters, for the last two years the US bee population has declined forty percent. At this rate, our food production is at extreme risk of severe shortages. Better information allows better decisions. Wireless hive monitoring allows for a continuous real time flow of information, with the potential to transform how bee colonies are maintained.

Don't get us wrong, looking in your hives is essential – nothing can replace a good hive inspection. But, as we all know, hive inspections can be hard on the bees and if done poorly, can be disastrous in the winter. We have a different approach. When we do a hands-on hive inspection we are looking at the quality of the hive. How good is the laying pattern, how much brood, how much pollen, how much honey?  Our Monitoring System measures quantities such as temperature, humidity, and weight.

Winter is a time when our bees are most at risk and least accessible. The temperature inside a healthy hive will be noticeably higher than the outside temperature. Humidity is a killer, and difficult to control. Too little ventilation and it will "Rain" in side your hive and kill your bees. Too much ventilation and it may be too cold and your bees will consume too much honey. Bees can starve in the Winter for two reasons: not enough honey, and too cold for the nest to move within the hive. Both conditions can be seen by monitoring the weight of your hive. The Bee Certain System shows the health of your hive.

We strive to combine our qualitative observations with our quantitative measurements to share experiences with others. Hive inspections are important, but they are also disruptive. The Bee Certain System reduces the need for hive inspections, Bee Certain takes the guesswork out of beekeeping.