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How Does It Work?

The monitor is placed inside the hive on top of the frame top-bars and installation does not get much simpler than that.  Just one button cell battery to install, not even a switch to turn it on.  Not quite so obvious, the circuit board is covered with a clear "conformal coating" the protects the board. (click link for more)

Why is This Important?

For the last two years the US bee population has declined forty percent. At this rate, our food production is at extreme risk of severe shortages. Better information allows better decisions. Wireless hive monitoring allows for a continuous real time flow of information, with the potential to transform how bee colonies are maintained. (click link for more)

How Do I Get Started?

  • Get the system components
  • Connect the System Recorder
  • Mount the Environmental Monitor near the apiary by attaching it to a post or other convenient support.
  • Install the Weight Monitor where the hive will be located.
  • Center the hive on the assembled Weight Monitor.
  • Install the Hive Monitor in the hive.
  • Connect a laptop or other computer to the System Recorder's Network.

(click link for more)