Quick Start

System components consist of one or more of the following items

  • System Recorder and Recorder Power Adapter
  • Hive Monitor (to measure hive temperature and humidity)
  • Environmental Monitor (to measure outside temperature and humidity)
  • Weight Monitor (to measure hive weight)

Connect the System Recorder by

  • Connecting the power cable from the Power Supply to the mini-USB connector on the System Recorder.
  • Plug the Power Supply into an electrical outlet.
  • Mount the Environmental Monitor near the apiary by attaching it to a post or other convenient support.
  • Install the Weight Monitor where the hive will be located.
  • In the case of an existing hive, the Weight Monitor should probably be placed right alongside the existing hive.
  • At a minimum, the Weight Monitor should be raised slightly above the ground by placing it on two pieces of wood (2x6) or bricks (Higher is better). The Weight Monitor should be supported near the corners of the monitor, but not extend past the edges of its edges. Care should be taken to assure that snow will not work its way up under the Weight Monitor, or that water will not be blown under and into the monitor.
  • Assure that the Weight Monitor is level.
  • Cover the Weight Monitor with a top cover that is rigid enough to support the hive. The sides of the cover should extend down below the Weight Monitor, but not touch the ground or supporting structure. A Telescoping Hive Cover will work well.
  • Care should be taken to assure that the sides of the top cover are not resting on, or rubbing against the support pieces.
  • Center the hive on the assembled Weight Monitor.
  • Install the Hive Monitor in the hive.

A good strategy is to place the Hive Monitor on top of the frames in the top brood box. Care should be taken to assure that the Hive Monitor Sensing Element is facing downward and that the element is directly over one of the frames. In this way, the bees will not be able to cover the sensing element with propolis.

Connect a Computer to the System Recorder's Network

  • The Network Name and Passphrase are written on the cover of the Quick Start Guide
  • Using a web browser, go to the URL written on the cover of the Quick Start Guide