Benefits, Features & Functions


  • Track and maintain hive health
  • Know if you need to take preventative action to save underperforming hives
  • Gives insight into steps/changes to take in the future to ensure healthier and more productive hives (i.e. planting more late blooming plants, etc.)
  • Ensure bee colonies continue to thrive to help maintain pollinator populations
  • System is comprehensive, and can incorporate up to 20 different hives’ data into single server, allowing the tracking of entire populations on small farms.


  • Determine honey production and consumption throughout the year
  • Allows for remote access to all data
  • Stores and graphs data, allowing you to see change over time
  • Access all this stored data in a single place from Wi-Fi server included with package
  • Easily installs in minutes.
  • Reduces need for intrusive hive inspections
  • Helps predict swarm activity
  • Reports harmful environment conditions for hives
  • Easily expandable to support multiple hives.


  • Monitor weight gain and loss
  • Monitor temperature inside and outside hive
  • Monitor humidity inside and outside hive
  • Wireless system with replaceable 3-year batteries