About Us


Technology has reached a point where it is now economically feasible to provide beekeepers with hard data about their hives. Our vision is to provide that data and help significantly improve the craft and science of beekeeping.


Our mission is to supplement current qualitative observations with quantitative data in a collaborative environment for the benefit of beekeepers and their hives.

About Our System

Beekeeping has been and will continue to always be a "seat of the pants" activity. As good stewards, we all want to learn as much as we can about our bees and become better beekeepers. Our goal is to give beekeepers yet another tool by which they can learn more about their bees.

For the last two years the US bee population has declined forty percent. At this rate, our food production is at extreme risk of severe shortages. Better information allows better decisions. Wireless hive monitoring allows for a continuous real time flow of information, with the potential to transform how bee colonies are maintained.

About Us

Bee Certain, LLC is part of The Old Strawberry Farm, located 16 miles inland from Waldport, Oregon.  We raise sheep and ducks, grow fruit and vegetables that we sell at local Farmers Markets and, of course, raise bees.


 I'm an electronic engineer that literally "retired and bought the farm".  I've worked with computers most of my life and have been fascinated to watch their size diminish as their power grows. There are always new buzz terms (pardon the pun) like "ubiquitous computing" and the "Internet of Things" that come and go over the years. The important thing is that computing and communications have become really inexpensive and small in size.